The Search For The Gray Area Season 3 – Playlist – Reluctant Habits

The third season of my audio drama, The gray area, is probably the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted, and given the multiple time periods and multiple universes, it required a lot of research. The following is a list of books I have read so far. I estimate that I am about 65% in my research. I still have a few dozen books to read (and I have the massive stacks to prove it!). I hope to complete the scripts and start production in 2023.

Mid-Century America:
Dorothee Baker, young man with the horn
Charles Bukowski, rye ham
Eric Dregni, let’s go bowling
Bret Harvey, The 50s
William Hitchcock, Eisenhower’s age
Andrew Hurley, Diners, Bowling Alleys and Trailer Parks
Kenneth T. Jackson, crabgrass border
James Kaplan, Franck: the voice
James Kaplan, Sinatra
Jack Kerouac, The tramps of Dharma
Robert Lenzer, The great Getty
Shawn Levy, Confidential Rat Pack
William Manchester, The Glory and the Dream
Harry & Bonaro Overstreet, The strange tactic of extremism
Doug Schmidt, They came to the bowl
Howard Stallings, The Big Book of Bowling
gay tale, Fame and obscurity
gay tale, The bridge
Nick Tosh, dinosaur

Michael Azzarad, Our band could be your life
Lester Bangs, Mainlines, blood parties and bad taste
Lester Bangs, Psychic reactions and carburetor droppings
Jim DeRogatis, let it blur
Nelson George, The Death of Rhythm and Blues
Nelson George, American hip hop
Duncan Hannah, 20th century boy
Anthony Haden-Guest, Studio 54, Disco and night culture
Tim Laurent, love save the day
McNeil and Gillian McCain Bequest, please kill me
Leonard Michaels, The stories collected
Richard Meltzer, The aesthetics of rock
Jon Savage, Dream of England
Pierre Shapiro, Change the rhythm
Patti Smith, just children
Paul Wilson, Central Square: The Paul Lynde Story
James Wolcott, Luck

John Brooks, Showing off in America
John Brooks, The Go-Go years
Paul Fussel, Wrong
Holiday Ryan, trust me i’m lying

Dark Studies:
Arna Bontremps, black thunder
Sarah Broom, The yellow house
Jessie Redmon Fauset, Plum bun
Rodolphe Fisher, The Conjure-Man dies
Nelson George, post soul nation
Langston Hughes, Not without laughter
Nella Larsen, Quicksands
Claude MacKay, Welcome to Harlem
Trussie McMillanCottom, Thick
Ismael Reed, Complete Works
George Scuhlyer, More black
Harvard Sitkoff, A New Deal for Blacks
Wallace Thurman, Blackest in the bay
John Toomer, Cane
Mary Helen Washington, The other blacklist
Albert Woodfox, Lonely
C. Vann Woodward, The strange career of Jim Crow
Richard Wright, The Man Who Lived Underground
Richard Wright, the stranger

Robert D. Ballade, Explore the Lusitania
Greg King and Penny Wilson, Lusitania
Jennifer Kewley Drasrau, Lusitania, tragedy or war crime?
Erik Larsen, dead alarm clock
Fionbarr Moore, et al, RMS Lusitania: the story of a shipwreck
Diana Preston, Lusitania: an epic tragedy
David Ramsey, Lusitania: Saga and myth

Brian Aldiss, The Horatio Stubbs Saga
Allan Berube, Come out under fire
Rachel Devlin, Relative privacy
John D’Emilo and Estelle B. Freedman, Intimate Matters
Martin Duberman, Stone wall
Alex Espinoza, Cruise
Cynthia Heimel, But enough about you
Cynthia Heimel, Sex tips for girls
Gayle E. Pitman, The Stonewall Riots: Taking to the Streets
Anka Radakovitch, Explorations
Anka Radakovitch, The Wild Girls Club
Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha, Sex at dawn
Stejpan Sejac, sun stone
Lisa Taddeo, three women
gay tale, Your neighbor’s wife
Lisa Wade, american hookup
Moira Weigel, labor of love

Great Depression:
Caroline Bird, The invisible scar
Robert S. McElvaine, The great Depression
Amity Shlaes, the forgotten man
Terkel Studs, hard times

Joel Beckerman, The sonic boom
Nick Billon, Twitter outbreak
John Braithwaite, Crime, Shame and Reintegration
Alan Ehrenhold, The lost city
Claire Evans, Broadband
Matt Fortnow, The NFT Handbook
David J. Hand, The Improbability Principle
Christopher Lash, The culture of narcissism
Carlo Rovelli, The order of time
Camilla Russo, The infinite machine
Lucy Health, Low lifespan
Laura Shin, The Cryptopians

Pat Barker, Regeneration
A. Scott Berg, World War I and America
Vera Brittain, Youth Will
Elizabeth Cobbs, Hello girls
Paul Fussel, The Boys’ Crusade
Paul Fussel, The Great War and modern memory
Paul Fussel, war time
Robert Graves, Goodbye to it all
Stephen L. Harris, Harlem’s Hell Fighters
James Jones, From here to eternity
Ernest R. May, The World War and American Isolation 1914-1917
Tim O’Brien, Chasing Cacciato
Tim O’Brien, If I died in a combat zone
Tim O’Brien, The things they carried
Siegfried Sassoon, Memoirs of a Fox Hunter
Siegfried Sassoon, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
Rebecca West, The Return of the Soldier

Women’s rights:
Soraya Chemaly, Rage becomes her
Anne Fessler, The girls who left
Greenhouse Linda, Justice on the brink
Jane L. Mansbridge, Why we lost the ERA
Patricia C. Miller, The worst of times
Michel Oberman, His body, our laws
Sylvia Plath, The Complete Diaries of Sylvia Plath
Rene Rosen, girl in white collar
Elaine Showalter, female disease
Rebecca Traister, good and crazy
Daniel K. Williams, Unborn Child Advocates
Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong, Brothers

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