Pharmacies now also issue digital health certificates


German pharmacies now also issue digital certificates for those who have recovered and have not yet been vaccinated. So far, those who have recovered have only received a digital certificate from the EU if they have been vaccinated. New certificates are valid for a maximum of 180 days.

It all started with the digital vaccination certificate for fully vaccinated people in mid-June. In the second week of July, vaccination certificates followed for those who had recovered who, in addition to confirming their illness, had been vaccinated.

So far, people who have contracted COVID-19 but have not yet received a vaccine have come out empty. If the premises requested 3G proof, they repeatedly had to pass tests or submit their analog confirmation. (3G stands for “Vaccinated, tested, recovered”.)

As of Tuesday, German pharmacies can also issue digital COVID-19 certificates for this group. In order to receive such a certificate of genesis, in addition to photographic evidence, interested parties must submit a positive PCR test dated at least 28 days and maximum 180 days.

Unlike vaccination certificates, the recovery certificate expires after 180 days at the latest. The validity period depends on the date of the positive PCR test. If you subtract the minimum waiting time, there is a maximum validity of five months.

Germany’s vaccination strategy states that people with COVID-19 receive a one-time vaccination with an mRNA substance in order to be treated on an equal basis with those who have been vaccinated. Originally, this vaccination was only possible six months after infection at the earliest. This period is now reduced to four weeks.

Pharmacies issue digital health certificates as usual through the popular DAV portal. Those who have recovered can use the “My Pharmacy Manager” portal Find out which pharmacies in the area issue digital certificates by entering a zip code. To do this, the “COVID-19 certificate” option must be selected in the “Services” drop-down list.

The recovery certificate is issued free of charge. Pharmacies receive almost 6 euros per certificate from the Federal Ministry of Health. In total, around 17,000 pharmacies throughout Germany are to offer digital certificate issuance. According to the German Pharmacists Association (DAV), more than 35 million vaccination certificates have now been issued in this way.

Because the flavors are getting a little stronger now, here is a quick overview of the different certificates available.

There are now four variations of the COVID-19 digital certificate based on the European standard in Germany:

  • Digital impfzertifikat: issued to fully vaccinated people. Requirement: Identity photo + proof of vaccination from a doctor or vaccination center. Validity: 1 year from the date of issue.
  • digital vaccination certificate for those who have recovered: issued to those who have recovered and been vaccinated. Requirement: Identity photo + medical proof of recovery or official positive PCR test + proof of vaccination from a doctor or vaccination center. Validity: 1 year from the date of issue.
  • digital health certificate: issued to cured people who have not yet been vaccinated. Prerequisite: photo ID + medical proof of recovery of at least 28 days or positive official PCR test. Validity: 180 days from the date of proof.
  • Digital testertifikat: issued to people tested negative. Requirements: passport photo, PCR or antigen test. Validity: 48 hours maximum (72 hours maximum when traveling).


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