How to Get Money Urgently – Loans

“If I were to win the lot,” “If only I had tens of thousands of kunas and get out of debt,” “If my money had gone into my account yesterday, it would be too late” – do these scenarios sound familiar ?! The fact is that more than 300,000 people are blocked and owe almost 43 billion kuna. Each of them must have thought about the scenarios above at least once. And how not, when the cost of living far exceeds the average income, which is approximately about 5500 kunas. With men earning an average of USD 5900 and women of lesser gender around 400 less than their male counterparts. Which in translation would mean that women are more vulnerable, especially when it comes to lending money. Less income means less chance of taking out loans, loans and loans. Especially when it comes to banks. Although earnings are not the only criterion, they do play a big role.

An increasing number of people are searching the internet for money urgently

It is not surprising, therefore, that an increasing number of people are searching the Internet for urgent money . Banks and savings and credit unions have more rigorous conditions than credit houses that have experienced a real boom in the last decade. They have completely adapted their business to their clients and their needs, which is highly appreciated given the precarious situation in the country. How to get money urgently is no longer a phrase that is mentioned in conversations, it has become an urgent need.

Excessive overheads and extraordinary circumstances such as a wedding or a medical emergency that doesn’t cover your health can be a devastating blow to your home budget. At such times, the phrase ” how to get urgent money ” is imposed by itself. Many people reach out to family members and friends first, but a good portion of them prefer to turn to financial institutions because they do not want to listen to the gossip about what they are spending and how they spend their money. They can lend the amount they need there without embarrassing questions, and in crisis situations it is so important because the nerves are thin. Telling someone I need money right away without having to answer 100 questions is almost impossible.

How to Get Money Urgently

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Other than borrowing money from family and friends, there are other quick options. Banks usually have current account overdrafts or so-called overdrafts. minus the current one which allows for an immediate inflow of money, but very often with high interest rates. Most often, banks approve it, even without a client request, which can be an additional plus in crisis situations.

Credit companies offer fast cash loans that do not require a lot of paperwork, since it is usually a small amount of money. They also offer micro-loans that are repaid over a short period of time, and are intended for anyone wondering how to get urgent money.

They are designed for emergency and unforeseen situations where you need a quick financial injection.


The biggest advantage of such services, which are characterized by smaller sums of money and a short repayment period, are what requests for them can be submitted online. Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home and without walking through state institutions and collecting copies, markers and extensive documentation. And this is extremely important when you are wondering how to get money urgently. It is precisely the word “urgent” that is essential in all this. Clients want to borrow money quickly and equally quickly and return it.