Dragon Ball Super: Monite has a hidden plan according to this detail in the manga


There is a very particular detail in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Episode 76, belonging to the Granola the Survivor saga, shows Monite intervening in Granola’s fight against Goku and Vegeta. The scene is revealing, but there is something hidden that few readers have realized.

The Dragon Ball Super chapter shows the Saiyans at a disadvantage against Granola, the Ceresian who is currently the most powerful being in the universe. The fight is essentially due to the new character’s revenge for the Siege of the Saiyans 40 years ago, when the warrior race was commanded by Freeza.

The final scenes of Dragon Ball Super show Monite, the only Namekian on Planet Cereal, inside the Oat-Meal ship. It is in mid-flight that Monite spots Granola and orders the ship to stop, that is, it has collided in combat by chance.

Monite intervenes in the fight of the Saiyans

Where was he going? It seems that Monite has a hidden plan and that’s something Oat-Meal does, since the ship left on its own when Granola asks her to stop intervening in the fight against the Saiyans. What Oat-Meal went to get Monite if it wasn’t to stop the fight?

Everything seems like Monite has something else to do and it’s a secret Granola doesn’t know. In addition, it remains to be clarified why Monite hid the truth. It is not known what is behind this lie that could have prevented the Saiyans from fighting.

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Episode 76 belongs to the Granola the Survivor saga. The plot consists of Granola’s revenge for the destruction of his planet Cereal by the Ozarus who operated under Frieza 40 years ago.

Granola is currently the most powerful being in the universe, so Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Mega Instinct cannot cope with the new threat.

Chapter 76 of Dragon Ball Super is titled “The Fate of the Saiyans”. The news is that Goku is already recovered to resume the fight after the beating of two chapters ago and Vegeta is trying to recover after the defeat of the previous episode.

You can read the new installment of Dragon Ball Super by clicking on this link, which will direct you to the Manga Plus portal. There you can play both Episode 76 and the previous three at no cost and so you can catch up with whatever happened in the franchise.

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