Careers as a research analyst: opportunities and challenges in 2021



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Of the many lucrative and marketable careers you could target, being a research analyst should be among the best. This opens many doors in the job market as there are many industries in need of research analysts.

In this job, you will be doing a lot of the financial forecasting and data analysis that businesses need to make important decisions. 2021 has opened up more opportunities for anyone looking to become a research analyst.

Career, however, is no different when it comes to taking on challenges. This blog post will focus on both the opportunities and the barriers to becoming a research analyst in 2021.


Marketing agencies

The other opportunity for a research analyst is in the area of ​​marketing. Normally, a marketing agency needs to know the appropriate channels to use when doing promotions and advertisements for clients. It’s what helps make every marketing effort count. For this to happen, a clear understanding of the market and the business environment is important.

As a research analyst, your presence is essential in any marketing business to identify marketing trends. This is where you will take the time to study the current market and also the recent past.

The information will provide a clear picture of the trend in demand for certain products and services. So you can get the marketing team to make a specific plan on the right marketing strategies to follow.

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The insurance sector

Insurance companies deal with volumes and volumes of data on a daily basis. It comes from the high traffic of customers looking for insurance solutions. Companies have a great need for an accurate assessment of information to get a good picture of the progress of the company.

Research analysts are very useful in processing the financial data of policyholders.

The premiums attached to the various insurance coverage plans sometimes need readjustment. This is usually when an insured starts making higher amounts of deductibles. At such a time, a research analyst is essential at such a point in calculating new premiums after careful analysis of the data.

The government

It is also to be a public servant with the hat of research analyst. Indeed, the federal and state governments generally base most of their decisions on statistics.

In times of a pandemic, governments are looking for ways to understand the economic impact of Covid-19 in different regions. It is a question of knowing how the allocation of resources will be done. By way of analysis, you will focus on the various trends emerging in the economic sector.

From there, you can make predictions by which it becomes clear which groups of people will face the most challenges. You will also have the opportunity to make suggestions on actions that may provide appropriate optimization.

Manufacturing industry

Manufacturers process many transactions, from sourcing raw materials to selling finished products. As a business grows, the numbers also increase, making financial planning needs greater. So you can have a strong position in such a manufacturing sector through financial analysis.

This helps you keep every business transaction traceable. Nowadays, many companies are looking for professionals who are proficient in Excel functions in organizing and analyzing data.

What challenges do I face as a research analyst in 2021?

Pieces of data

During analysis, the more data, the greater the precision. It needs you as an analyst to gather a lot of information in your tasks. Take the marketing industry, for example, and you have to scour hundreds of websites to collect valuable data.

It becomes even more difficult when separating relevant and irrelevant data. Sometimes using the software can make things easier, but there are still some manual entries that you need to do, and it is a tricky and cumbersome task.

High customer expectations

When working for your business, you may find that management needs specific details on specific aspects. For example, in government, organizations or agencies want actionable and immediate information.

What they sometimes forget is that it takes a long time to process information properly. This pressure can make life difficult. Sometimes companies may want well-updated details, which can be rare to find because most of the data is yet to be released.

A research analyst has a strong position in the global economy. Having such a career gives you gateways to different industries as the decision making is done after the data has been evaluated. Your data assessments and forecasting roles also help businesses stay competitive.

Research analysts may work in the insurance, manufacturing, and government sectors. Due to the high skill levels, it is good to take relevant courses and prepare well for exams. Certifications add value to your job profile.


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