BCC and BCC Singapore respond in principle to the UK-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement-in-Principle


December 09, 2021

Responding to the announcement of the digital economy deal, William Bain, Trade Policy OfficerYes at UK Chambers of Commerce said:

“This athe agreement will be hosted by both UK exporters of goods and services. It will be thone no tariffs on electronic transmission, more in-depth measures to facilitate electronic commerce, more ambitious measures on data flows, as well as guarantees for businesses and consumers.

Trade with Singapore was worth £ 17.6 billion for the UK in 2019. When finalized, this athe agreement should create opportunities to increase this figure through long-standing and fast growing UK exporters small and medium enterprises.

David Kelly, Cthief Eexecutive ohofficer of the BBritish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, said:

WWe are delighted to see th announcementis deal today. The British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore was portion companies Fintegrate their observations into the research carried out on theitself proposals all along this year.

We look forward to working with the Department of International Trade and the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry to to supply companies with an easy road of using the agreement. This will to help British and Singaporean companies, based in Singapore and UK, through support frictionless trade and growth opportunities. “

More details about the deal can be found here.


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