5 growing companies that could be leaders in 2022


Dec 28 2021 18:21 STI

New Delhi [India], Dec. 28 (ANI / NewsView): Delhi-based research firm International Brand & Research Forum (IBRF) has released the list of “5 growing companies that could be leaders in 2022”.
The research agency said in its statement that the companies were selected on the basis of the move in 2021 and how they handled the difficult times of the pandemic.
Help businesses to grow
Based in New Delhi, Setup Services India (SSI) has a deep professional network and internal CA / CS team to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided; under the leadership of Nishant Arora, co-founder of Sixth Element Finserv Installation Services.
The company claims that the goal is to become an extended KPO in the B2B field and provide solutions for the new India. Formed with the goal of developing a one-stop-shop financial services solution for next-generation entrepreneurs, SSI aims to facilitate business registration, compliance management and advisory processes to be robust, transparent and profitable.
The range of services provided by SSI includes Company Incorporation, LLP Incorporation, NGO Incorporation, Trademark, Registration, GST Registration, MSME Registration, Startup Registration , GST and TDS compliance, FEMA compliance, accounting and bookkeeping, virtual payroll management, project report preparation, workforce placement, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, corporate tax advice, etc.
SSI also develops tailor-made technological solutions aimed at facilitating decision-making and promoting control of the management of a company; with such business intelligence (BI) solutions, SSI helps startups grow faster, better and maintain an efficient governance infrastructure.
Revolutionize the school
The Class of One (TCO1) is an online-only school with leaders in the online space creating future-ready children. Class of One’s competency-based learning programs help children develop and discover their interests and abilities. The e-school is in partnership with renowned programs like Torrins, Furtados and Fitness 365 for the encouragement of children. Divya Jain, Founder and Director, The Class of One was founded on the principle of preparing children for the future through online classes. The aim is to introduce and establish new trends in the delivery of smart online education. The school offers a high-quality Oxford Advantage program with cutting-edge digital content and a wide range of extracurricular activities and fitness programs.

Contribute to a healthy India
Founded in 2014, the company offers a blend of modern and traditional Ayurvedic treatments through its unique product formulation and selection of high quality natural herbs. Vedas Cure, an online Ayurvedic clinic providing services in Pan India was established by Vikas Chawla with the vision to bring revolution in the field of medical science by providing the best health services.
With over 40 years of collective experience in product development and formulation, the company delivers personalized treatment based on prakriti and individual medical conditions. Vedas Cure treatments are proprietary, approved, licensed and safe to use. The company does not sell its products on any e-commerce portal or website. The team makes contact with patients, collects data and, based on the reports, suggests herbal or Ayurvedic remedies.
Interact with Indianness
Video conferencing application made in India, VideoMeet is developed and created by Jaipur-based startup VideoMeet Pvt. Ltd. The app was conceptualized following MeitY’s “Made in India Videoconferencing Challenge”, where it was acclaimed and appreciated. With a capacity for hosting virtual conferences of nearly 2000 people, VideoMeet is able to replace other foreign alternatives.
Recently, it added more servers to ensure smoother communication, including in the United States and United Arab Emirates. The company had taken the step of keeping latency low and ensuring better audio-video quality. VideoMeet also added peering with different ISPs and network providers for low latency.
A breeze of change in the jewelry industry
Created by the duo of brothers, Parag Agrawal and Saurabh Agrawal, Fiona Diamonds introduced the concept of lab-grown diamonds and a relatively lesser-known gemstone Moissanite to Indian jewelry buyers. The brand has not only grown with franchisees and online business, but has also opened its flagship stores in many key locations.
The brand currently focuses on exclusively designed engagement rings and wedding jewelry. Its product line includes diamond jewelry, lab grown diamond jewelry, and moissanite jewelry.
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